Friday, October 5, 2012

The Psychology of Social Media

Just got a great newsletter from MOZ about the latest in Social Media and Content Management. Ah, yes, so boring. And who has the time. But this group has some very serious breadth and depth about how to handle everything from Facebook posting to the psychology of the words you use when you are blogging. I am always interested in research about how we interact, why we do what we do, and how our images influence our lives. So this is in alignment with my current interests.

I particularly liked this link about how one uses a Facebook page to promote a service or product -- or how one avoids common mistakes about the words you use to entice others to come on along with what you are promoting or offering.

To see the full list of there offerings for this month take a look at this site. The author is SEOmoz. I am impressed, and hope you will find a few articles of interest to your particular needs. We are each different. Yes indeed.

For more info about website design...particularly if you are a small enterprise that would like the benefits of a large idea, see Love shaping the message so that each and everyone gets a chance to reach the ring!

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  1. Don't forget there are other links to great resources at the right of these blog articles. Many are less technical that this particular reference.