Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Farmhouse Tribute: as a Tone Poem

Check out this beautiful video that was shot and edited by my favorite videographer and associate! Notice the wonderful time-lapse photography. See how the camera gently dollies around corners to reveal each new nook and room. This is a model for the staging, shooting, and editing video. Of course, executed by one of the finest and brightest in our area.
This "farmhouse tribute" is where my design professor lives ... in Virginia. I have had the pleasure of being a guest at his house. And yes, just as you see in the video, the interiors are gorgeous. The colors are rich and antique collections of all kind abound. So enjoy. Play the video at this link.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making It Modern with Pictures and Prose

This could be for me, the web site I most enjoyed creating. It is for an artist/writer whose work I find intriguing with its swirls, its innuendoes, and its modern stance. The artist -- Sarah Wilkinson -- and I worked very closely together to come up with a design that would properly anchor her work, while reflecting its modern tone. Choosing the color palette was quite the challenge, but we both finally approved of our final scheme. Another delight for me was to create each page with a distinctive look. For instance, the geometric grid and precise placement of elements on her Welcome page. The grey backdrop for the Gallery thumbnails --- large enough to see. And when selected, displayed side by side is the image with Sarah's provocative prose. Also, the rectangles of different hues cascading down her Exhibits page, so that each event is part of the whole but stand apart. The boxes inside boxes look of the About and Contact pages.
Go to this website to see more of my web design work.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What should the look and feel be?

That's a question frequently asked as you start to design a website. A site I just finished creating was particularly fun -- because it was for a therapist -- and my undergraduate work was psychology. We both wanted a fresh clean style that is -- at present -- my favorite. We wanted it to feel "accessible", friendly, while accenting her professional accomplishments. We wanted it to have a warm look, suggesting that through her therapy clients could gain a positive outlook and achieve positive growth.

Susan -- the therapist from Durham -- and I had a great time looking over different stock images to find one with just the right feel to use as a banner. Not too feminine, not too weird, not too sappy or strange. So we chose an image of wheat in a field at sunrise. Suggesting, "it's a new day" and the light is lovely.

I also tried something new on this site and took part of the banner to make a vertical image that moves down the side of each page clicked on from the welcome page.

By the way, Susan has amazing background as a therapist. She has published a lot, presented a lot, and is versed in many different types of therapy. And she is also a painter! 
Check out the details at