Thursday, August 2, 2012

For Artists: Marketing Your Art with Manta

Trudy Thomson 

Found a great site that explains way more than anyone wants to know but is very valuable. Everything from how to take the best pictures, how to describe your art, to what steps to take to get more "hits" or "hearts".  So, kudos to the folks that figured it out. 

Here it is:

It appears that meylah can also host your creations, let you create a website fast, and get great advice. Now, I did not get into the details about websites because I am a website designer and I do my own thing. If you want your very own personal website, you can find me at

If you already have a website but you want to revamp and create a fresh new look, contact me. I love visual design and working with artists is my pleasure. My website is: 

Also, you can see my art videos at

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