Sunday, July 11, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Can Equal Engaging Content

Just found a fabulous and informative source that clearly defines and refines the techniques best used for search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO. It's a science and an art. I actually read all ten chapters and enjoyed it, because the layout was so fresh and the writing so friendly.

The article explains that any efforts you make to trick the algorithms used by search engines is not that easy to do these days. The engines are clever about noting anything weird, and they actually honor good old value systems. The more people that link to your site -- because you offer something interesting, unique, or valuable -- the higher your rating becomes. Now that can be tough if you are up there against the big boys who have been at it for a long time -- because they naturally have more connections than you. But it doesn't hurt to understand the basics when you design a website, and try your best to incorporate their suggested practices.

So I really recommend this article on SEOmoz:

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